Berliss EMQ Bearings

Berliss Bearing Company is pleased to offer a complete line of electric motor quality (EMQ) bearings.

Our electric motor quality bearings are designed to provide quiet and smooth operation in electric motors. They are available in various configurations including open and single or double sealed or shielded types. Our line of EMQ bearings includes the 6000, 6200 and 6300 series and are manufactured to ABEC 3, C3, Z2V2 specifications. All Berliss EMQ bearings are individually packaged with premium quality grease.

We are confident in our ability to manufacture and meet the high demands for quiet and smooth running EMQ bearings for the electric motor market.

All Berliss EMQ bearings are manufactured to meet or exceed the criteria indicated below.

· HIGHEST STANDARD: All Berliss EMQ bearings meet or exceed ABEC 3 tolerances

· HONED RACEWAYS: All Berliss raceways arehoned and ground to insure quiet operation and a longer life

· NOISE TESTED: All Berliss EMQ bearings are noise tested before and after lubrication

· VIBRATION TESTED: All Berliss EMQ bearings are vibration tested

· STEEL RETAINER: All Berliss EMQ bearings come with a steel retainer